• This machine is used for filling all kinds of fluid materials into the soft plastic tubes or plastic-aluminum laminated tubes, sealing and cutting the end of the tubes, and pressing date or series numbers on the end. It is widely used in daily chemical, pharmaceutics, food and chemical industries.
  • B•GLS-III Tube Machine is successfully researched, designed and manufactured by us with the advanced technologies home and abroad on our tube machine of the second generation.
  • After this equipment linked with automatic filling machine,it can automatically packing the already filled & sealed tubes and the products introduction(after folded) Thgether into the paper boxes
  • The vacuum machine produced by our company is widely used for manufacturing paste-like products of toothpaste, comsmetics , foods and chemistry industry, etc..
  • Available for heating, melting, homogenizing and emulsifying materials, it is ideal device for paste-cream products of middle and high grades. This equipment includes oil phase boiler, water phase and emulsification vessels, operation platform and control tank.